Endolift Laser Face & Neck Lift

Please consult with our skin specialist before asking for this treatment.

Anybody at any age can be affected by the excess fat on the chin, neck or jowls. Changes in weight is an important factor but also aging is one of the causes of double chin, saggy neck and lower face laxity. Few years ago we did not have the technology to reduce the double chin in an easy way and without surgery. If we gained weight the double chin increased and if we lost weight we ended up with the turkey neck.

Neck, double chin and cheeks.

Now we have an incredible option to eliminate the excess fat and saggy skin on neck, double chin and cheeks. Endolift laser will contour the shape of your lower face and neck, giving you a real face lift with no surgery and just by reducing the size of the double chin and tightening the skin, you will look thinner and younger.

Endolift Laser Face & Neck Lift Is A Treatment for men and women

Men and women can benefit from this fantastic treatment with minimum to no down time. The Endolift laser tightens the skin on the treated area and make your face and neck look skinner, thighter, and younger. This treatment is easier and safer than a traditional liposuction which leaves the skin saggy or than a surgical neck lift that leaves permanent scars.


On the initial consultation the Doctor will explain the patient all the benefits and side effects of the treatment and will give the patient a prescription for antibiotics. Also, the Doctor will explain the expected results to the patient and will set up a day for the procedure. Before starting the procedure, the Doctor will inject lidocaine to make the treatment very comfortable. The first step is to insert the 1mm laser fiber optic inside the skin to melt the fat and at the same time stimulate collagen on the surround tissue. This will make the skin tight and produce better results. Second step is to aspirate the melted fat to contour the lower face and neck. Treatment takes less than 1 hour and results can be seen immediately. A compression band should be used at night for the following days and the Doctor may prescribe and analgesic and anti-inflammatory. Results are permanent and you can go back to your activities in 2 days.

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