25 Skin Conditions and Their Symptoms

Today, as part of our information campaign to educate the new generation to know more about skin conditions that can affect your daily life, we are describing briefly 25 skin conditions.

There are numerous skin conditions, each with its own set of symptoms, causes, and treatments. Here is a list of various skin conditions, though it’s important to note that this list is not exhaustive:

  1. Acne: Inflammatory condition characterized by pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. (Recommended and available at our clinic IPL, Skin Care Products)
  2. Rosacea: Chronic skin condition causing redness and visible blood vessels, often on the face. (Recommended and available at our clinic IPL, Laser Skin Rejuvenation Skin Care Products)
  3. Eczema (Dermatitis): Inflammatory skin condition leading to red, itchy, and inflamed skin.
  4. Psoriasis: Chronic autoimmune condition causing red, scaly patches on the skin.
  5. Dermatitis (Contact Dermatitis): Inflammation of the skin resulting from contact with irritants or allergens.
  6. Urticaria (Hives): Raised, red, itchy welts on the skin, often caused by an allergic reaction.
  7. Impetigo: Contagious bacterial skin infection characterized by blisters and sores.
  8. Cellulitis: Bacterial skin infection causing redness, swelling, and tenderness. (Body Treatments)
  9. Vitiligo: Condition causing loss of skin color in patches.
  10. Melasma: Hyperpigmentation characterized by dark patches on the skin, often related to hormonal changes. (Recommended and available at our clinic PicoWay, Cosmelan , IPL )
  11. Tinea (Ringworm): Fungal infection causing a red, ring-shaped rash.
  12. Warts: Viral growths on the skin caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). (Recommended and available at our clinic Laser Skin Rejuvenation Laser Removal )
  13. Moles: Pigmented skin growths, usually benign but requiring monitoring for changes. (Laser Moles Removal )
  14. Hidradenitis Suppurativa: Chronic skin condition involving the formation of abscesses and nodules, often in areas with skin folds.
  15. Folliculitis: Inflammation of hair follicles, leading to red bumps or pustules.
  16. Lichen Planus: Inflammatory skin condition characterized by itchy, purplish, flat-topped bumps.
  17. Ichthyosis: Genetic skin disorder causing dry, scaly skin.
  18. Keratosis Pilaris: Common condition causing small, rough bumps on the skin, often on the arms.
  19. Seborrheic Dermatitis: Inflammatory skin condition affecting areas rich in oil glands, such as the scalp and face.
  20. Actinic Keratosis: Precancerous skin growths resulting from sun exposure.
  21. Erythema Multiforme: Skin reaction to infections or medications, leading to red, target-like lesions.
  22. Prurigo Nodularis: Chronic skin condition characterized by itchy nodules.
  23. Pityriasis Rosea: Self-limiting skin condition causing a distinctive rash.
  24. Granuloma Annulare: Skin condition resulting in raised, reddish or flesh-colored bumps arranged in a ring pattern.
  25. Bullous Pemphigoid: Autoimmune blistering skin disorder.

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