The Art of Lips Augmentation: Navigating Choices at Aromas MedSpa

The Fractional Laser Experience

Collagen StimulationPreserving Natural BoundariesGradual Results

The Dermal Injection Transformation

Immediate ImpactVersatility in ResultsTemporary Enhancements

Subtle Refinement or Bold Transformation

The choice between fractional laser and dermal injections ultimately comes down to your aesthetic vision. Are you seeking a subtle refinement that enhances your lips’ natural beauty, or are you ready for a bold transformation that redefines your look?

Consultation at Aromas MedSpa

Aromas MedSpa encourages clients to embark on this journey with a personalized consultation.

Our skilled professionals will guide you through the options, understand your desires, and recommend the ideal approach to achieving your dream lips.

Maidely Medina, PA  (Right)

Daidi Cruz , NP (left)