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Platelet Rich Plasma – PRP
The Selphyl and the Regenlabs systems are the new approach to anti-aging treatment that allow us to prepare a Platelet-rich Fibrin Matrix to use as a dermal filler and cell regeneration using blood collected from the patient during the treatment. Using a centrifuge and a special kit designed for cosmetic use, we are able to divide the components of the blood to use only the platelets, stem cells, grow factors and fibrin to form a thickened concentrate to be used in facial restructuring and rejuvenation. We only use special cosmetic kits for our Plasma separation to make sure the plasma we obtain is really rich and platelets and not poor in platelets. Not alll Plasma treatments are the same, by using a Professional kit you will only need one treatment to see the best results. EZ-PRF is one of the best kits available now, the results are better and  last longer than the ones with a regular PRP. The main difference is that EZ-PRF separates the PRP plus some stem cells from the blood.

Our team of Health Care Providers have more than 15 years of experience with plasma separation and anti-aging procedures, they will make sure the procedure is safe, comfortable and have the results you expect. Aromas Medspa now offers the Liquid Facelift at Doral, Kendall, and Miami. Call for your free consultation and ask about our PRP Plasma Liquid Facelift procedure.

The perfect combination of fillers with platelets, stem cells and grow factors will give your skin that glow, texture, tone and young look you always wanted and needed to look younger and fresh.
Platelet-rich plasma is similar to fillers because it can be injected to sculpt the face. But, here’s the best part: not only does the PRP cause an increase in the volume, PRP contains at least 8 growth factors that will over a long period of time, continually work like a rejuvenating agent.
By activating these growth factors, all 3 parts of the aging process improve.

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