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Because of age and sometimes genetics our hands start looking a little older than what we want. We use a unique approach to hands rejuvenation; it is a combination of derma fillers and laser. The purpose of the filler is to stretch the skin and cover those undesirable veins that are more visible when we age because the skin gets thinner. Radiesse for hands is the first and only FDA-approved filler that provides immediate volume correction in hands, and our Doctors are “Radiesse for hands certified injectors”. The application of PRP or PRF are also new options for hands rejuvenation utilizing your own blood and growth factors.

The laser will stimulate collagen and elastin on the hands giving them that younger look we all want. Also, by removing the dead cells from the epidermis our skin will look rejuvenated. We finally have a solution for aged hands that is minimum invasive and with excellent results. The results can be seen 5 minutes after the treatment, you may experience some swelling and redness but it will resolve in 24 to 48 hours. Call now at 305-591-3005 for your free consultation.


Hands before the treatment At Aromas Medspa Office 2019

Hands after the treatment At Aromas Medspa Office 2019

To Look Healthy , We All Need To Eat Healthy

Keep Always Positive.
We all are what we eat , beside this treatment is your duty to your own health to keep hydrate and not over feed with carbohydrate more than what you really need , practicing physical exercises for at least 30 minutes per day can be the difference.
Dont Make Promise You Can Not Keep
Before expending your money in treatments, think twice and make real commitments with yourself
Expectation And Follow
Understanding that only following our expert medical team recommendation is the only way to reach your goal.
Preserve And Persist
Been health is more than better your outer look , we need to implement healthy eating habits and exercise.

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