Human Ultra Cell VI

What Is Human Ultracell VI?

It is a product of biological origin with pharmaceutical quality, considered by many specialists in regenerative medicine as the most effective organic revitalization product through Cellular Renewal, which stimulates the body, especially the immune system, to defend itself against contracting degenerative and catastrophic diseases.

What Are The Components Of Human Ultracell VI?

It is a combination of opotherapeutic cell extracts, Bio-peptides, enzymes and hormonal precursors that cause important stimuli in the cells for optimal functioning. Its formula is an exclusive patent worldwide and does not contain chemicals, steroids or hormone substitutes of synthetic origin.

What Do We Feel When We Take Human Ultracell VI?

It is almost imperceptible, but it gives us the protection and security that we feel when we have been vaccinated against contagious and viral diseases, with the main benefit that HUMAN ULTRACELL VI helps prevent organic aging and its consequences.
Human Ultracell at Aromas Med Spa

What Are Its Benefits?\ Indications:

  • Regeneration, revitalization and cell renewal for human longevity, through the reinforcement of the immune system.
  • Coadjuvant in degenerative diseases of the immune system.
  • Premature aging.
  • Decreased mental and physical faculties, tiredness, physical asthenia.
  • Prevention of degenerative diseases.
  • Increased overall energy.
  • Revitalization of bodily functions.
  • Increased resistance to stress.
  • Improved performance and organ function that weakens with aging.
  • Significant improvement in physical performance.
  • Improvement of blood pressure.
  • Recovery of concentration and memory capacity.
  • Improved sleep quality.
  • Prevention of osteoporosis.
  • Stimulation and control of libido in men and women.
  • Reinforcement of the venous system, acceleration in the recovery of wounds.
  • Stimulation of the endogenous production of growth hormone that maintains muscle mass.
  • Prevention of senescence keeping the patient in adult, young.

How Does Human Ultracell VI Work?

It works mainly by autophagy, which is a cleaning by recycling of all the waste inside the cells that limits key functions, reducing their energy production capacity in the mitochondria, therefore autophagy progressively restores the impaired functions of the cells. cells, through the supply of extremely valuable biological components that have the ability to induce a gradual recovery in the energy production capacity of cells and the proteins necessary for the replenishment and maintenance of organic tissues.

What Side Effects And Reactions Does Human Ultracell VI Have?

It has no side effects, as its toxicity is completely null, it does not produce any adverse reaction and it can be taken safely combined with other treatments, since it does not have any interaction with other medicines.

Human Ultracell Women and Human Ultracell Men

The organic structure of women and men is different and unequal because there are biological factors (genetic, hereditary, physiological) that manifest themselves differently between the sexes and often remain invisible to the androcentric patterns of health sciences.
In men, the existence of an (X) chromosome in their inheritance (XY) predisposes them to greater susceptibility to diseases, such as those that are inherited in a recessive manner from the X chromosome. In women, due to the second X chromosome ( XX) slows down the aging process. Cellular aging diseases, certain forms of cancer and other diseases are less frequent in women. Clinical studies confirm that men and women differ in the way they get sick.
Women go through different biological experiences, this gives structural differences to both men and women.
Human-Ultracell VI Therapy has been developed to improve the quality of life of men and women over 30 years of age and is particularly effective in preventing diseases, especially degenerative diseases associated with ageing.
It is also highly effective as an adjuvant product in conventional treatments in the case of already existing degenerative diseases.

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