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EXOSOMES Treatment

We now have Exosomes available at Aromas Medspa, these are stem cells messengers extracted from Adipose tissue, Placenta, or Umbilical Cord. They are the best option for skin rejuvenation, scars, hair loss, and any skin condition. The best way to use them is with Derma pen, Micro needling with RF or Laser Scanner. You apply them topical after the treatment, reducing downtime to almost none. They also have an incredible effect on skin rejuvenation by producing a large amount of Collagen and elastin. We use suppliers like Kimera Labs, Exovex (Exocelbio)and Benev.

exosomes treatment at aromas Med Spa

Other benefits of exosomes include:


Because of the anti-inflammatory proteins, exosomes reduce inflammation, which is a central mechanism of many skin conditions.


Exosomes have been reported to stimulate cells such as fibroblast and endothelial cells that are involved in healing damaged tissue by the formation of new blood vessels. Also, exosomes improve the survival of damaged tissue, accelerate skin revitalization and reduce scaring.


Exosomes have the capacity to enhance tissue remodeling by promoting a normal lattice structure of collagen fibers for reduce scaring and more normal healing.

In what ways do exosomes improve skin health?

Dr. Herrera notes that a decline in collagen formation parallels the shrinkage of skin cells with age. Exosome production also declines with age. This causes loose skin, wrinkles, and age spots. With the help of exosome therapy, dormant skin cells and older exosomes can be reawakened and put to work repairing, strengthening, and rejuvenating the skin.

Pa ,Medina describes how exosome therapy boosts wound healing, reduces pigment synthesis, and stimulates collagen and elastin production. The end result is skin that is plumper, firmer, brighter, and smoother than ever before.

Within two to six weeks of finishing treatment, you should start to feel better, says Dr. Herrera. After only a week and a half of my own exosome therapy, I could already see a dramatic improvement in the appearance of my cheeks. If I used to wear foundation, I would stop doing so now because my skin tone is so uniform and healthy-looking without any additional help from cosmetics.

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Aromas Therapy , Aromas MedSpa.