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Carboxytherapy treatment now available at Doral, Kendall, and Miami.

Carboxytherapy is the cutaneous and subcutaneous administration of carbon dioxide gas [CO2] for therapeutic purposes. Carboxytherapy origins are back to 1932 in France by treating patients affected with peripheral arterial occlusive disease. In South America and Europe, carbon dioxide therapy (carboxiterapia) has been applied to the treatment of stretch marks, cellulite, and hypertrophic scars with impressive results. Carboxytherapy improves skin elasticity, improves circulation, encourages collagen repair, improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and helps and enhance any treatment for localized fat.

  1. Stretch Marks
  2. Cellulite
  3. Dark undereye circles
  4. Fat deposits
  5. Wrinckles
  6. Skin laxity (including neck).
  7. Improvement of skin tone and texture.
  8. Post liposuction treatments.

When skin laxity and signs of aging begin to show on the face and body, skin loses it’s fresh, plump youthful look, a session of Carboxytherapy treatment can make significant improvements to the areas treated, reducing the signs of aging, and refreshing the appearance. It also is a beneficial treatment for dark circles and thinning skin under the eyes, cellulite, stretch marks, fat deposit, wrinkles, skin laxity (including neck), post liposuction treatments, improvement of skin tone and texture.Carboxytherapy involves the injection of carbon dioxide gas into the skin. It’s a tiny needle to inject carbon dioxide[CO2] beneath the skin’s surface, so the procedure is considered to be nonsurgical. This is intended to jump-start circulation and increase the production of collagen, which can improve the look of the skin. Surprisingly, the process has the minimal side effects when compared to other methods. The possible side effects are the redness and numbness of the skin at the area of injection. There are no other common or known side effects recorded with patients treated with Carboxytherapy.

We breathe in oxygen, and we exhale carbon dioxide. Plants take up the carbon dioxide, and in turn give us the oxygen that we need. There are no known risks associated with carboxytherapy and/or carbon dioxide injection. Aromas Medspa have the latest technology and licensed staff for Carboxytherapy that will provide you with safe and comfortable treatments with great results. Carboxy is a perfect complement for any of our beauty treatments. All our offices in Doral, Kendall, Miami, and Weston have the equipment and licensed staff to perform this procedure.

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Aromas Therapy , Aromas MedSpa.
Aromas Therapy , Aromas MedSpa.