Non- Surgical Jawline
Contouring and/or Definition

Before any booking for the treatment described , please consult with our doctor or your primary doctor if is ok to take this medical grade treatment under your specific health condition

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Are you ready to look Jawsome?

Non- Surgical Jawline Contouring

n just 15 minutes, we can achieve mid/lower facial sculpting using long lasting dermal filler to enhance the jawline. Here at Aromas Medspa at Doral, Miami, and Kendall we use multi micro-droplet injections and/or microcannula techniques to restore facial volume and improve chin structure. When it comes to face sculpting, every millimeter and angle must be measured and considered various times. With dermal fillers we can create lift and definition. Our goal is to create your ideal proportions by contouring, defining, and symmetrically balancing your individual lateral profile, with no downtime and instant results! Don’t wait any longer to get your perfect jawline.

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