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Hydration and Cleanser

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Hydration and Cleanser

Derma- HydroClear
Glycolic Acid


Derma-Hydroclear is a High-potency moisturizer with concentrated glycolic acid at low pH to visibly diminishes wrinkles. A loaded skin-firming marine peptides to increase luminosity and improve tone and texture.

Clinically proven that after four weeks of use:

 Skin smoothness increases 62%
 Skin firmness increases 32%
 Appearance of fine lines decreases 41%

 Promotes a youthful glow.
 Improves smoothness and firmness.
 Diminishes wrinkles and pigmentations.
*Results May Vary For Each User

Derma-Cleanser 24k

Snail Cleanser Gel
Net Wt. 6oz / 170g.

Derma-Cleanser 24k is a mild facial cleanser that helps balance the pH levels of your skin. This cleanser contains snail secretion filtrate, aloe vera, sweet almond, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and super centella which help remove any impurities and keep the skin moist and healthy. It can be used for normal to oily skin, and sensitive skin.

Derma-Radiance 24K
Snail Mucin

Derma-Radience 24K Cream  contains a powerful active and natural ingredient which is  extracted from a defensive liquid secreted by snails. Other key ingredients include:  centella asiatica extract, snail secretion filtrate, vegetable butter with pure ceramides, natural cholesterol, peptide complex, and hyaluronic acid. It is a complete and balanced skincare product created by a living organism to protect, restore, renew and hydrate its own skin.


  • Exfoliation
  • Protection from certain strains of bacteria
  • Promotes the synthesis of collagen and elastin
  • Provides the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans
  • Antioxidant and moisturizer
  • Protection from UV and free-radicals
Aromas Therapy , Aromas MedSpa.
Aromas Therapy , Aromas MedSpa.