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Ingrown Hair Between Your Butt Cheeks

Shy awkward young woman biting nails feeling embarrassed, confused and nervous, looking at camera.

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This short story was brought to you by Aromas Med Spa, where you can treat those horrible, painful and awkward ingrown hair in your butt cheeks. We care, we sympathize and make this process go away faster, no hates, just love.

Ingrown hair can be delicates specially if they are infected and causing  pain and discomfort , our suggestion is to check into your primary doctor to get a proper treatment before booking a laser hair removal treatment.

Don’t be shy we understand the youth and we know we can help them to feel comfortable in our laser sessions.

Well, this was a problem I needed a solution for.

Shy awkward young woman biting nails feeling embarrassed, confused and nervous, looking at camera.

 , one of my daughters started developing this ingrown hair between her butt cheeks and it was a nightmare for her and for me too, she is the kind of person that doesn’t allow anybody to see her private parts, first I got her all kind of disinfectant topical so that she can apply it self , I guess she  looked at a mirror in an awkward position.

However, when the pimple healed, I was recommended to take her to a laser hair removal session and get rid of those unwanted hairs in the middle of her butt cheeks. She hates me for few minutes but soon after she enter to the doctor’s office she hated me even more, some one will see her privates part.

Well, the staff was quite aware and sympathetic with a young teen and took extra care to cover her privates in a way that she was relieve just before she felt the first laser pulse.

After 3 session there was no more hair to burn, after all getting rid of all the unwanted hair, she also gained confidence and finally wore the white bikini I bought her last summer. I think she love me now.

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The Aesthetic Procedures We Recommend and Why: Hydrafacial

HydraFacial treatment

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HydraFacial treatment

No judgment zone here but we would like to demystify some thoughts about “Aesthetic Procedures”

Some people look at aesthetic procedures as pure vanity for insecure women, while others limit their aspiration to have one because is considered something bourgeois, out of the reach of normal people. Unnecessary, arrogant, selfish and the adjectives can go on and on.

The fact is that our very skin is the largest organ in our body and as well as the rest they need to be accountable for our well-being, in 2021 just mentioning that aesthetic procedures are a thing for rich people is reductive and ignorant.


The skincare

Taking care of our skin is essential, we all are exposed to the sun and the sun is responsible for most damages to our skin. It feels good to lounge in the sunshine, but it can hurt your health in the long run. Over the years, too much time outdoors can put you at risk for wrinkles, age spots, scaly patches called actinic keratosis, and skin cancer.

To maintain good skin health we recommend sun protection, however, FDA has approved in the past some sunscreen very popular in pharmacies and markets that today may not cover 100%, the new medicated formulas to cover your skin better is reserved for exclusive sales at dermatologist offices or med- spa as Aromas Therapy Medical Spa. Ask our doctor and specialized staff what is best for your skin type.

One of the most popular and know procedures “the facials” is available in diverse protocols following the needs of your skin. is up to decide by the specialist after classifying your skin condition, age, and skin type. Typically one of the most known is the full facial with the extraction, is the process of clearing a clogged or compacted pore manually or using a medical mechanism.

Here at Aromas Therapy, we have some facials protocols of our own signature, we use the latest technology to reach better results, which is why if you had a facial with us a long time ago, it may be not the same that the protocol we use in our current facial.

Hydrafacial: is one of our recommended treatments is 30 minutes facial, that integrates elements such as extracting, cleansing , exfoliating and hydrating.

Visit : Hydrafacial at Aromas Therapy Medical Spa