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UltraShape: Fast, Non-Invasive Fat Loss

Body Treatments at Aromas Medspa

Losing excess fat isn’t easy. Many of us struggle with diet and exercise for years, trying to get rid of the same stubborn pockets of fat, to no avail. While invasive techniques such as liposuction have helped many patients win their battle with fat, others would prefer to take a faster, non-invasive route. Lucky for them, advances in aesthetic medicine have made this possible—and so have we! Aromas MedSpa is proud to offer the state-of-the-art body shaping technology of UltraShape.

UltraShape body contouring is a convenient, affordable and non-invasive alternative to liposuction. Oh, and did we mention that it’s virtually pain-free and requires zero recovery time?

It’s Real—and It’s Spectacular!

We know UltraShape sounds too good to be true, but clinical studies have proven otherwise. UltraShape uses ultrasound energy to target and permanently eliminate unwanted fat cells, leaving them to be expelled by the body’s natural metabolic processes. It’s as simple as that! The surrounding muscles, nerves and blood vessels are left unharmed, so there is no bruising or swelling—you get the benefits of immediate, lasting results without the downtime associated with invasive surgery.

UltraShape Body Shaping in Doral

Whether you’re ready to lose stubborn pockets of hard-to-reach fat, or you’re looking for more definition in your arms or abs, Aromas MedSpa is ready to develop a treatment plan just for you. We provide UltraShape services in our Doral location, but an appointment can be scheduled through any of our locations by calling 305.591.3005 (Doral), 305.752.0250 (Kendall) or 954.349.3001 (Weston). We are your best option in South Florida for Ultrashape Power treatments.

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A Combination of Technologies for Comprehensive Body Shaping.

What is pressotherapy?
What is pressotherapy?

Which non-invasive body shaping system can destroy fat cells, reduce cellulite and tighten loose skin? Sadly, there isn’t one. But Syneron Candela has you covered with UltraShape and VelaShape body shaping services. By combining these two technologies into one technique, Aromas MedSpa can address all of these concerns at once.

VelaShape is Clinically Proven to Reduce Cellulite & Tighten Skin

We know why UltraShape was voted the “Best Body Contouring Treatment” by NewBeauty Magazine in 2014—because its ultrasound energy permanently destroys fat cells, fast. But where UltraShape lacks is the ability to reduce the appearance of cellulite or to tighten skin—this is where VelaShape takes over. VelaShape tightens the loose skin created after fat cells are destroyed and reduces cellulite. In fact, VelaShape is the only energy-based body contouring device on the market clinically proven and FDA-cleared for the effective reduction of cellulite.

While UltraShape destroys fat cells and is perfectly effective on its own, multiple treatments are traditionally required to reach optimal results. Following an UltraShape procedure with VelaShape’s radio frequency energy is most beneficial, as VelaShape shrinks the remaining fat deposits in the targeted areas, leading to optimized circumference reduction—an unprecedented 3.2 cm in a single combination treatment!

Complimentary Body Contouring Consultations in Doral

If you want to start a body contouring conversation, contact Aromas MedSpa today! We provide UltraShape and VelaShape combination treatments in our Doral location, but an appointment can be scheduled through any of our locations by calling 305.591.3005 (Doral), 305.752.0250 (Kendall

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The Skinny on Fat

Which type of fat do you need to lose? Chances are you’ve thought of it more in terms of “muffin top” or “back fat” than subcutaneous fat or visceral fat. But knowing the difference between the two types of stored fats can help determine the best fat-loss strategy for your body.

Are You An Apple or A Pear?

Is your excess fat above or below your waist? Body fat distribution can help indicate the type of fat you’re carrying. If you’re pear-shaped—meaning your hips and thighs are the widest part of your body—your battle is with subcutaneous fat. If you’re carrying excess weight above the belt your body is more apple-shaped, likely indicating that you have a combination of subcutaneous and visceral fat.

Most concerning for apple-shaped bodies is just how much visceral fat they’re carrying. The fat cells within and surrounding your organs are visceral and can be extremely detrimental to your health. If your belly is hard to the touch, you’re dealing with an unhealthy amount of visceral fat and need to start a healthy diet and exercise program stat. Visceral fat is very responsive to diet and exercise and, if maintained, results can be yielded quickly. But then there’s subcutaneous fat.

Subcutaneous Fat Can Be Stubborn!

Subcutaneous fat is the fat you can see and grab. It makes abdomens look like fat-lipped mouths and legs look like meaty drumsticks. Diet and exercise can help to reduce some of it, but subcutaneous fat can be stubborn and become resistant to traditional fat-loss methods— that’s when it’s time to look into more innovative choices.

While invasive surgery is an option, the exorbitant cost and extended recovery needed makes it a less practical option. This is why so many are turning to UltraShape body shaping. UltraShape is a breakthrough energy-based fat loss system that literally destroys subcutaneous fat cells, quickly and safely. Ultrasound waves of energy noninvasively disrupt and break down fat cells permanently, and the procedure is virtually pain-free! Results are long-lasting with UltraShape and there is no downtime following treatment.

Schedule Your UltraShape Consultation Today!

To find out if you’re a candidate for UltraShape body shaping, contact the professionals at Aromas MedSpa to schedule a complimentary consultation. Aromas MedSpa provides UltraShape treatments in our Doral location, but an appointment can be scheduled through any of our locations by calling 305.591.3005 (Doral), 305.752.0250 (Kendall)