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The Agnes Radiofrequency Micro-Needling Device is a new innovation in the field of minimally invasive dermatological procedures that have gained widespread acceptance in international aesthetic offices.

About Agnes Radiofrequency Micro-Needling

Agnes RF’s micro-insulated needles, customizable settings, and targeted RF energy delivery make it ideal for aesthetic procedures that can be seen of as works of art.

What Makes Agnes RF Unique?

By creating a Square Wave energy form not seen in previous RF micro-needling devices, Agnes America has revolutionized the transmission of RF energy. Sine waveforms, which are used by most other RF energy-based devices, are shaped like a bell. The curved wave’s downward slope contains residual energy that could cause skin burns during treatments.


Learn How Agnes RF’s needles are where the magic happens.

Agnes needles are made to order, with design and development informed by studies of the vertical architecture of human skin. Needles with partial insulation offer high energy to the treatment sites deep within the dermis while avoiding the outer layers.


The needles each have their own unique design so that they may treat a specific area of the face as well as a variety of skin conditions. Each needle is specifically designed for the treatment region in terms of its size, shape, and level of insulation. Due to the small surface area of the needle, they are also able to treat sensitive and difficult-to-reach places with great precision and concentrated RF energy. This is because the needle has a limited surface area. The needles are able to penetrate the skin safely, which gives results that are both dramatic and mild. They target only the regions that need treatment, which helps maintain the structural integrity of the skin on the surface.


When it comes to putting the advanced science and technology that the Agnes RF micro-needling device has to offer to good use, the Agnes micro-insulated needles are the tool that tops the list. Only single- or three-pin needles are available, and their design is determined solely by research into the vertical skin anatomy. The relatively small surface area (one or three pins!) of the Agnes needles enables highly concentrated RF energy to be supplied to the treatment region with unrivaled precision. This is in contrast to the square multi-pin needle heads that are typically used.


Nine distinct needles are now available.
None of the nine needles are the same size, shape, or thickness of the others. Each one is tailored to address a unique area of the face and skin issue. There is more soft tissue to penetrate in some parts of the face, while others are more fragile and thin.

Needles and their insulating sheaths have been precisely measured to ensure they reach all of the skin’s layers without causing any harm. The insulator keeps the RF radiation from reaching the dermis below while still reaching the intended location.

Agnes’s needles, which she has patented, are the finest and strongest in the industry. Insulation in Agnes needles is made from a substance with clinical proof. Parylene Coating, a coating method widely utilized in the semiconductor and medical device industries, is employed in its production, and this coating renders the product safe for human use.