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Hydra-facial is amount many options to control breakouts

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Acne Breakout Control

Acne is not only present on Teens, adults can also get breakouts related to hormone changes or stress. We offer a free evaluation to determine what is the best protocol for each specific case. We offer a combination of medications, lasers, and medical grade facials to obtain the best results. One treatment can provide a very dramatic result. All of our dermatology laser equipment are designed to provide you with a comfortable procedure and better results by drastically reducing your acne. We use real Lasers and IPL technology to help you prevent and eliminate acne vulgaris bacteria and at the same time the acne breakouts. We now offer acne treatments at Doral, Kendall and Miami. All skin conditions are not the same, each patient requires an evaluation and a different protocol to obtain the best results. Our team of Health Providers have the experience to make sure your treatments are safe and produce the results you want.
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