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Have you notice that after a walk on the beach you always feel better, feel less pain, and even breath easier? This is a natural detoxification.  Water molecules release negative charged ions, our bodies absorb these ions, and our body eliminates waste easily.

Foot detox therapy programs use our feet to recharge the body and increase well being, overall health, and balance. In only 30 minutes, our detox machine combined with mineral sea salt and water will help to flush out the toxins in the lymphatic system and energize blood in your circulatory system. By eliminating all heavy metals from our body, we can relieve arthritis, increase energy, alleviate neck and back pain, andbalanced of our body. The recommendation is 10 treatment sessions, once or twice per week and a maintenance program of once a month to help keep control of toxins in your body. Patients are required to drink plenty of water before and after each treatment to improve results. Feet are a natural place to detox since there are over 200 large pores on them. 

We are delighted to officially announce the addition of international physician Dr. Claudia Quiroga on to our staff! Specializing in Anti-Aging Biological Medicine, Dr. Quiroga is offering a number of new treatments:

1. ION-DETOX: Ionic therapy for removal and elimination of toxins directly through the soles of your feet for only $80! Package of 3 available for $200.

2. BIO-DERMO-TEST: Microscopic dermatological study to evaluate the state of your skin in real time. This test will analyze the age as well as the structural changes of the skin at a cellular and biological level versus chronologically in order to establish the most effective way to collagen reactivation. 1 session for $150 or 3 sessions for $400!

3. VITAL-CELL FORTE INTRADERMAL THERAPY: Intradermal application of substrates to biological fortify the skin cell's structure for improved nutrition, lucidity, and prolong the life of previous corrective treatments. Indulge yourself with more radiant skin! 1 session for $120 or 3 sessions for $300. 


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