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The Aqua-Massage is one of the most advance massage machine of the industry. It combines traditional therapeutic massage with water and heat therapy in a self-contained dry massage unit. In approximately 20 minutes of Aqua Massage session, you will experience the comparable of a 1-hour, conventional hands-on massage.

This experience is unique at Aromas MedSpa our machine is fully customizable and our specialists will adjust the waterflow force and the direction of the jets to create a massage that is perfect for your needs. If a certain part of your body needs extra attention, you can ‘hold’ the water jets in place as long as you need, then release the jets for the remaining of your massage.

How it Works:

  • A person remains clothed and dry.
  • Spray bar has 36 water jets that travel the full length of the body
  • Massaging 3 sides of the body – like 36 fingers
  • Pulsating water jets adjust from 2 cycles per second to 10 cycles per second.
  • Water pressure can adjust from 2 to 10 pounds of water jet force.

Aqua Massage

An AquaMassage session can make the difference to finish your day with a pleasant relaxation after a busy day of work or stress caused by kids, work and home routine.

  • The Aqua Massage room is designed with comfort and your privacy in mind. The treatment will be accompanied with a spa music, our exclusive collection of relaxing aromas and focus on your well been and relieve.
Don’t miss this delightful experience that can be booked as a package or as an individual treatment.
  • Also Aqua Massage can be the perfect gift for a lovely wife or husband, your dear sister or the ideal gift for Mother’s day. Call us today and arrange a visit for you or someone special in your heart.
Dry-Hydrotherapy Massage Bath-Tub
  • If you’re looking for one of the best massages ever then you’ve come to the right place. Aromas MedSpa now offers the Aqua Massage for the best massage in town. Our Aqua Massage XL 250 is sure to relieve you of your daily stress. Come and visit our Doral location for the ultimate experience!!

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