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The Skinny on Fat

Which type of fat do you need to lose? Chances are you’ve thought of it more in terms of “muffin top” or “back fat” than subcutaneous fat or visceral fat. But knowing the difference between the two types of stored fats can help determine the best fat-loss strategy for your body.

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A Combination of Technologies for Comprehensive Body Shaping

Which non-invasive body shaping system can destroy fat cells, reduce cellulite and tighten loose skin? Sadly, there isn’t one. But Syneron Candela has you covered with UltraShape and VelaShape body shaping services. By combining these two technologies into one technique, Aromas MedSpa can address all of these concerns at once.

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UltraShape Power: Fast, Non-Invasive Fat Loss

Ultrashape Losing excess fat isn’t easy. Many of us struggle with diet and exercise for years, trying to get rid of the same stubborn pockets of fat, to no avail. While invasive techniques such as liposuction have helped many patients win their battle with fat, others would prefer to take a faster, non-invasive route.

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