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At Aromas Medspa, we pride ourselves in providing a safe and relaxing environment. We offer medical aesthetic treatments and facilities designed to make you feel as comfortable as possible while you take advantage of our cutting-edge Medical Laser Equipment, laser hair removal technologies and professional staff. We specialize in many different non-invasive techniques to improve skin, body, and your overall appearance. Our goal is to make you feel and look at your best. 

Aromas Medspa offers powerful new technologies and our laser equipments are the most advanced and painless in the market and when combined with our training and experience the results are amazing. We make sure our treatments are safe and the results meet your expectations. Our staff will take care of you as only professionals and trained experts can. Even with our high degree of skills and experience, we offer clinically effective & innovative technologies at competitive rates to fit most budgets.

If you are interested in laser hair removal, skin pigmentation, body treatments, skin rejuvenation, skin lesions removal, acne and scars, or any other aesthetic treatment, you are at the right place. Aromas Medical Spa has offices in Weston, Doral, Miami, and Kendall. Come and visit a place where the ultimate goal is to make you look as good as you feel inside. Our experienced and courteous professional staff will help you achieve the results you want. Since no two clients are the same, we will tailor individual packages that will give you the best results for your skin or body.

We offer gold standard laser technologies in the aesthetic and medical field plus the convenience of 3 locations: Doral, Kendall, and Weston, all these together makes us your best choice.

Thank you for choosing Aromas Medspa.

George L. Herrera, MD, FACIP, FICPS
Member of American Association of Antiaging Medicine
Medical Director.
Alberto Nader, CME, CCE, RN Medical Board Certified
Clinical Director
(305) 591-3005 Doral
(305) 752-0250 Kendall

Treatment Of The Month

Restylane, Restylane Silk, Restylane Lyft, Juverderm, Voluma, Perlane, Belotero and Radiesse

With more choices comes more confusion. The following is a guide to help you choose.

Ultimately, all of these fillers are approved by the FDA for use in the United States, and the FDA has very high standards. To give you an example, the rest of the world (including Canada and Europe) had been using Restylane for more then 10 years on almost 1 million patients before the FDA allowed doctors in the United States to inject Restylane. The newer fillers (Juvederm and Radiesse) have taken much less time to be approved. So as far as safety is concerned, the FDA considers all to be safe, but Restylane has the longest track record and the most people injected worldwide, by far. The only stain on Radiesse's record occurred in patients who had the product injected into the lips. Some of them got lumps because of the nature of the muscular anatomy of the lips, therefore Radiesse is not approved for and should never be used in the lips. Radiesse now offers the Radiesse Plus (+) that already comes with lidocaine and make the treatment more comfortable. Juvederm has not been out as long as Restylane but it is a very similar product (both are cross-linked hylaronic acid) that provides excellent results. The final purpose of all derma fillers is to correct volume loss and treat wrinkles in the skin.

The newest of all these products are Restylane Silk and Restylane Lyft, Silk is the only FDA approved filler for lips and lines around the lips. It is a very smooth filler with natural results. It can be injected superficial on any expression lines or wrinkles.  Restylane Lyft is a new filler and is almost the same as Perlane (no longer available) but it brings more product per syringe (1.24ml), it is perfect to get the natural volume and definition in your cheeks and correct any volume deficiency in the lower face due to aging and/or weight loss. Also, it's a perfect choice for deep wrinkles and folds. All these are excellent fillers and are all FDA-approved, during your consultation our Doctors will help you select the right the right product with the best results for your specific concern.

Our Doctors will make sure you pick the right filler for the right area and also that you just don't get the filling effect but also the lifting effect. Come for your complimentary consultation and find out all the things a filler can do for you. Don't let the lack of volume on your mid and lower face show signs of aging, one of these fillers will bring back that young look we all miss!!

Don't forget to ask about our complementary Facial Treatment when you buy any Derma Filler plus Botox package.