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At Aromas Medspa, we pride ourselves in creating a peaceful and relaxing environment. We offer medical aesthetic treatments and facilities aimed at making you as comfortable as possible while you take advantage of our cutting-edge Medical Laser Equipment, laser hair removal technologies and professional staff. We invite you to join us and lose track of time, to sit back and take a break from the rush of everyday life. We all deserve a moment to relax, improve our inner and outer beauty and feel like never before.

Aromas Medspa offers powerful new technologies to help you look and feel your best. Our laser hair removal equipment is the most advanced and painless in the market. When coupled with our industry-leading training and experience. We make sure your treatments are safe and you get the results you want. Our staff will take care of you as only trained experts can. Even with our high degree of skills and experience, we offer clinically effective & innovative technologies at competitive rates to fit most budgets.

Here at Aromas Medspa we welcome clients from all walks of life, men and women. We are not just another Spa, we are a Medical Spa, and we take that very seriously. Come in today and meet our staff, doctors, facilities and see for yourself the efforts we have taken to make this your preferred choice. We might even be able to accommodate you as a walk-in patient. Whether you are just looking for a relaxing place to unwind or for a quick tune-up, we're here to serve you.

So if you are interested in laser hair removal, skin depigmentation, skin rejuvenation, skin lesions removal, acne and scars, you are at the right place. Aromas Medical Spa has offices in Doral, Miami, and Kendall. Come and visit a place where the ultimate goal is to make you look your best. Treat yourself right, you deserve it!

We offer gold standard laser technologies in the aesthetic and medical market plus the convenience of 2 locations: Doral and Kendall, all these together makes us the best choice.

Thank you for choosing Aromas Medspa.

George L. Herrera, MD, FACIP, FICPS

Member of American Association of Antiaging Medicine

Medical Director.
Alberto Nader, CME, CCE Medical Board Certified

Clinical Director

(305) 591-3005 Doral
(305) 752-0250 Kendall





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Intra-venous (IV) Chelation Therapies

Intravenous (IV) Therapies (Chelations):IV Therapies - Chelations Treatment consists in the administration of drugs through a cocktail applied intravenously containing amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants and particularly a drug (EDTA) that "traps" free radicals, heavy metals and dissolved "bad" cholesterol plaques that clogs our arteries, then eliminating them through the urine. Chelations can also be used as a procedure to prolong the life of people by stopping and/or reducing the natural process of aging; Chelation should be the first step in any anti-aging treatment since it purpose is to provide patients more years with better health and quality of life. This treatment can prevent most types of cardiovascular surgical interventions, as well as rejuvenate and delay aging. Intravenous nutritional therapy can provide enormous benefits of health depending on the condition(s) to be treated, the specific protocol used, the number of sessions, and the overall health of the patient. In many aspects the intravenous nutritional therapy is a preventive aging measure since it improves the nutritional content within the cells. Some of the specific benefits that patients may experience are: (1) increase in energy, (2) general feeling of well-being, (3) improving sports performance, (4) improvement in healing and recovery of sports or even surgical procedures, (5) reinforcement of immune support system, and (6) to relieve stress. Intravenous therapy is so powerful that many patients report benefits a few hours after receiving the treatment. IV Therapy with Vitamin C: Vitamin C is essential for the integrity of the blood vessels and heart. Restores and maintain the endothelial layer of arteries, veins, and is a key player in the synthesis of hyaluronic acid in the arterial basal membrane. Administered directly intravenously, it is ideal for restoring and maintaining the vascular tree. Via intravenous administration provides a very desirable anti-tobacco blood cleaning. Although there are more than one theory to explain why we age, it is essential to address the oxidative stress (cell imbalance produced by an excess of free radicals and less defensive function or antioxidants) as a result of the accumulation of waste in our tissues. Vitamin C is the best antioxidant we can use. The results are truly amazing.